The ShirtConvert is made out of 2 elements: head support and lumbar support. You attach the elements with Velcro to a shirt of your choosing. Once attached you can start your workout enjoying all the benefits the head and lumbar support gives. Your back and head are protected at all times while you are working out. Thanks to the lumbar support you can enjoy a great workout with little effort.

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The two main features of the ShirtConvert are:

1. Neck Support – to fit into your neck curve. It is also padded with high quality foam.

2. Lumbar Support – is the holy grail feature of the ShirtConvert. It fits your lumbar spine like a glove fits your hand. It provides its maximum support to the lumbar spine very much like the arch support in a good running shoes as it lifts and support your arch and prevent it from collapsing during the motion of sit ups. You have to try it to believe it. Your back will definitely thank you for finally providing it with the needed support.

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Dimensions12 × 3 × 12 in