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Introducing our newest member to the My Back Booster Mat family… The LOVE MAT!!! Our exclusive Love mat is like nothing you will ever find anywhere else! Dr. Sheta has designed this mat with meticulous measurements in order to provide the ultimate comfort and perfect alignment for intercourse. And this for the entire body!

The specifications of this product are perfectly tailored so that lovers of every kind can enjoy an enhanced sexual experience! Designed to accommodate both lovers, this mat can improve satisfaction, increase orgasm strength and is perfectly natural! No medication needed for the greatest sex of your life! Try our Love mat today, and you won’t be disappointed! Perfect for everyone including those with back/spine injuries! Get your sex life back and enjoy it more than ever.

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The four main features in the structure of the Love Mat are:

1. Back and Neck Support – to fit into your spine back and neck curve. It is also padded with high quality foam to add this bounce-ability when you hit the mat at the beginning of the sit ups, it bounces you back very much like a good running shoes when you land on the asphalt. The natural recoil of the shoes help propel you in the opposite direction.

2. Lumbar Support – is the holy grail feature of the Love Mat. It fits your lumbar spine like a glove fits your hand. It provides its maximum support to the lumbar spine very much like the arch support in a good running shoes as it lifts and support your arch and prevent it from collapsing during the motion of sit ups. You have to try it to believe it. Your back will definitely thank you for finally providing it with the needed support.

3. Feet Support – it provides a 90 degree position of the ankle. The natural angle is neutral flexion / extension angle. As you push your feet downward, your back will rise up at the start of a sit-up motion. It is very much like a see-saw action when you push one end down, the other end will rise up.

4. Back Support Cushion – this comfortable cushioning will provide support of the whole upper body to allow you to do many sit ups without the strain of the back due to direct contact of the spine on the flat hard floor. This cushioning provide the most comfortable sit ups you can ever do.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions20 × 24 × 24 in


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