My Back Booster – Introducing the Reclina Mat

Reclina Mat

The Reclina Mat is very effective for individuals that have to spend many hours lying down in bed and is useful for people with mobility problems.

The mat helps prevent bed sores and aspiration pneumonia. It assists the caregiver with bathing, feeding, wound change and other caregiver activities. It also helps patients with congestive heart failures, COPD, emphysema, sleep apnea, and back pain.

It literally can change the lives of people who are bed bound and make their life much easier and enjoyable.

Reclina Mat has 3 adjustable positions:
– low incline for napping
– medium incline for TV watching
– high incline for feeding and bathing

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Dr. Mostafa Sheta

Dr. Mostafa Sheta is the inventor of the My Back Booster products. His special interest is weight loss. The My Back Booster products are designed for your comfort while enjoying your favorite show on TV.

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